I've got that power!
Mystic Dais is the level 1 Mage Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Mage Tower from previous games. Although it fires 2 shots at once, the damage reading refers to the total damage of both shots, not each.


"Mystic mages cast dual homing bolts that ignore any physical protection."

The basic tower that counters armored enemies. The tower consists of a female mage that wears a purple robe and wields a wooden staff, at the top of a rock that floats in the air.


  • If there are enemies that have low health and no magic resistance, then this tower offers decent support against those enemies.
  • Don't put too much mages against magic resistant enemies, since they take less damage from mages.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade M 01 Level-1 Crystal Focus (1 star): Increases Mage attack range. (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 02 Level-2 Empowered Magic (1 star): Increases Mage attack damage. (+15%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 03 Level-3 Crystal Gazing (2 stars): Increases Mage attack range (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 04 Level-4 Unstable Magic (2 stars): Mage attacks have a small change of dealing triple damage. (5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 05 Level-5 Alter Reality (3 stars): Mage attacks have a chance of teleporting enemies back down the path. (10%)


  • I've got that power!
  • Wit beyond measure!
  • Time is mana!