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Nightfang Swale.jpg

You will not find many places viler than this disgusting bog we must cross to get to Lord Blackburn's castle.

Gathered witches fill the air with their unseemly chanting, which meshes perfectly with the cries of wild, hungry animals.

These are the beings that serve a once great, noble knight. From the putrid waters, dozens of dead bodies stare at us with empty eyes...

Nightfang Swale is the twenty-fifth stage in Kingdom Rush and the third in the Curse of Castle Blackburn mini-campaign available only in the Steam version.


Wave Composition


Heroic Challenge

Iron Challenge


  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr BlackHag.png

Black Hag

These eerie black robed women
fly on their brooms casting
wicked spells.

– Flying
– Toad’s curse
– Great magic resistance

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr WerewolfSM.png


Once formidable warrirors,
now crazed with bloodlust.

– Fast speed
– High damage
– Health regeneration

  • New Enemy!
EnemySqr LycanSM.png


Powerful warriors that shift
into terrible beasts

– Health regeneration
– Spreads lycanthropy
– Can shift into a werewolf