TwrIcon WDen "We die, we live again!"
The Orc Warriors Den is the first Melee Tower to be introduced in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.


What these combat-hungry Orcs lack in skill, they make up for in brutality. Fighting in packs of three, these able warriors are the core of Vez'nan's army.


Level HP
(With Upgrades)
Heal Rate (per 2s) Damage
(With Upgrades)
Armor Build
ODen I 1 60
7 1-3
None 70
ODen II 2 100
15 3-4
10% 110
ODen III 3 150
22 5-7
15% 160
ODen IV 4 200
20 9-14
20% 230


Lust For Combat

TwrSkill OD 1 "Pain? I'll show you pain!"

Orcs* gain bonus damage.

*: Includes Orc Captain.

Level Cost Bonus Damage
1 180 (153) 40%
2 180 (153) 80%

Captain Promotion

TwrSkill OD 2 "Listen up, scrubs!"

Promotes an Orc Warrior to Captain, improving his damage and health.

MiniBox Capn Cost HP Heal Rate
(per 2s)
Damage Armor Respawn
30 14-21
50% 12 seconds

Seal of Blood

TwrSkill OD 3 "This? Just a scratch."

Orc Warriors** win HP regeneration per second.

**: Includes Orc Captain.

Level Cost Regeneration
1 120 (102) 5
2 120 (102) 10


  • Orcs are usually the mixed of all bag of the Barracks compared to the likes of the Dark Knights, Elite Harassers or Grim Cemetery. They are weaker statwise than Barracks in KR1 and KRF, though their level 4 abilities are powerful and make them much better at stalling.
  • Unlike the Dark Knights and Elite Harassers, Orcs come in groups of 3, and unlike the Grim Cemetery, can be purposely rallied to defend a location.
  • Fully upgraded Orcs are strong both offensively and defensively. Lust for Combat will make them deal more damage and will make them beat weaker enemies in a fair fight. Seal of Blood allows them to regenerate health over time which makes them bulkier. The Captain Promotion summons an Orc Captain which has higher stats compared to an Orc Warrior, and it benefit from Lust for Combat and Seal of Blood.


Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp Rations WAR RATIONS (1 soul): With a full belly, Barracks units have improved health. (30% additional HP)
  • KRVUp Guild GUILD OF MERCHANTS (2 souls): Costs of towers' special skills is now reduced. (15% cost reduction)
  • KRVUp Master MASTER ARCHITECTS (2 souls):All towers gain extra bonus damage. (10% additional basic attack damage)

Related Achievements

VAch Orcs SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE (30 gems) Summon 50 Captain Orcs.


  • "Puny humans!"
  • "Proud warriors! Hurrah!"
  • "Ka Mate! Ka Mate!"

Tier 4:

  • "We die, we live again!" (when built)
  • "Come get some!" (Lust for Combat)
  • "This one knows how to count!" (Captain Promotion)
  • "Lets go wreck it!" (Seal of Blood)


  • The Orc Warrior Den is based on the Orc enemy from the first Kingdom Rush.
  • The tier 3 Orcs are a reference to the Grunts from Warcraft 3.
  • "Puny Humans"
    • seems to loosely refer to "Puny Human", a line spoken by the 2003 Hulk.
  • "Ka Mate! Ka Mate!"
    • Part of the Haka a ceremonial Māori dance most commonly seen performed by the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks, who chant and perform the dance before a match as a means to intimidate their opponents. The words "Ka Mate" translate to "I die".
  • "We die, we live again"
    • Taken from the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road. The original line is spoken by the character Nux "I live, I die. I LIVE AGAIN!"
  • Orc Warrior names do not appear to have any significant meaning or reference. They are simple, one or two syllable names.
    • Trahg
    • Mgon
    • Gaoq
    • Goteg
    • Drok
    • Blokk
    • Aruk
    • Tklo
    • Grub