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This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. For the tower in Kingdom Rush, see Holy Order.

Paladin is an enemy found in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, first encountered in Lightseeker Camp.


Holy warriors trained both in the arts of combat and the use of the divine powers to cleanse the kingdom from any evil.

Knights from Linirea's Holy Order. Unlike their counterparts in the original game, Paladins don't have armor, but instead are resistant to magical attacks with their high HP and 60% magic resistance.

Paladins have two special skills. One is an area attack, dealing 70-90 physical damage with a cooldown of 5 seconds. The other is a damage buff which makes nearby allies inflict 30% more damage for 3 seconds with a cooldown of 12 seconds.

They can also be spawned when a Cavalier is killed, as the horse dies and the Paladin rider dismounts. If a Paladin enters the Stables in Lightseeker Camp, he will emerge as a Cavalier.


  • Paladins are pretty tough and dangerous, despite them having their armor replaced with magic resistance. Use archers to deal against them as mages do little damage to them.
  • Out of all the archers, Shadow Archers prove to be excellent at killing them due to their damage and range even without the upgrades. Bone Flingers also work well with skeletons and their Got Milk upgrade but are limited to their short range.
  • Dark Knights are the best option at stalling them since the Paladins regular and area attack deals physical damage. Armor of Thorns can be a very useful upgrade as the Paladins will take damage faster.
  • In Lightseeker Camp, Footmen can get into the armory so they can turn into the Paladins. Prevent them for entering the Armory as much as possible so your defenses aren't overrun with Paladins as their health is pretty high. If one does get past then built an archer in the back so the fearsome Paladin can be killed quickly.
  • In Lightseeker Camp, Paladins approaching from the top path can enter the Stables. If this occurs, they will emerge after a bit of time as a speedy Cavalier who returns to the path past your defences, and will drop the Paladin on death. Either make sure you have strong defences at the back to deal with the Paladin or use strong non-magical towers and Barracks at the entrance to prevent the Paladins from entering the Stables.


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