The three Paragons collectively serve as the final bosses and heroic secondary antagonists of the main campaign of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Unlike typical bosses, the Paragon is not a single enemy, but three enemies that emerge from Denas's Castle successively to battle the Archdemon sent by Vez'nan. They are one of only two enemies in the series to have both armor and magic resistance, the other being Sons of Sarelgaz.

Overview[edit | edit source]

After the last enemy has fallen in the final wave, Vez'nan will summon an 'old friend', an Archdemon that moves slowly towards the castle. A progress bar will appear at the top of the screen showing how close the demon is to the castle. King Denas will counter with his own surprise. A tiny knight emerges from the castle, and drinks a potion, transforming himself into the Paragon, a mighty knight big enough to take on the Archdemon.

The Paragons may have the second-lowest HP of all bosses in the series (tied with Myconid and beaten only by the Winter Queen) and move much more slowly, however they sport both Armor and Magic Resistance like the Sons of Sarelgaz

The Archdemon and the Paragon will slowly march towards each other, while enemies spawn continuously from all points. Towers and Heroes will target the Paragon, but will only do light damage. When the Paragon and the Archdemon meet, they will engage in melee combat. At this point, the Paragon will use a special attack that not only deals 1000 physical damage but knocks the Archdemon back and stuns it for 0.8 second (cooldown: 10 seconds). When the Paragon is channelling this attack, it can be interrupted by the Archdemon's slam, putting it on cooldown. 

Paragon's basic attacks deal explosive area damage (damage area: 120).

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Paragons can be extremely hard to deal with. Their low HP for a boss is deceptive as they possess both medium armor and magic resistance. Note that their armor rating is higher, so mages are more efficient against them than archers and barracks.
  • Shadow Archers can deal good amounts of damage to them, while Shadow Mark will cause it to take double damage for a short duration making it and other towers more effective at taking them down.
  • Artillery is useful against the enemies that appear behind the Paragons, especially when it comes to hitting the Elven Rangers and Musketeers that can steadily whittle the Archdemon's health away.
  • Asra can reduce a Paragon's armor to zero with 'Quiver of Sorrow', thus making it easier to deal with.
  • Blazing Gems should be the most effective as long as the shots from coutryard cannons are put out quickly.
  • Wicked Sisters and Goblin War Zeppelins can pile over paragons and stack a lot of damage due to being mobile shooters yet not barracks.

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