PirateWatchtowerIcon Avast ye, landlubbers!

The Pirate Watchtower is a special tower that appears in Port Tortuga.


The Pirate Watchtower is manned by a pirate wielding a primitive firearm, dealing decent damage per shot but shooting very slowly (even slower than artillery until upgraded with Rapid Reload); while Parrot Bomber deals 20-40 area damage and is essentially a compact Dwarven Artillery with a somewhat different reload mechanism: since the tower uses parrots instead of cannons, the bombs do not need to be reloaded but instead have to be carried from the tower on top of the target; so enemies at close range can be bombed constantly while enemies far away will take a lot less damage. The tower's range is the same as Dwarven Bastion's; the longest base range in the game.


Rapid ReloadEdit

RapidReload No quarter!

Improves the tower's attack speed by 30% each upgrade.

Level Cost Fire Rate
1 75 2.4s
2 75 1.7s
3 75 1.2s

Parrot BomberEdit

ParrotBomber Polly wants a cracker!

Trains parrots to deliver bombs that deal 20 to 40 damage. (Cooldown: 2.5 seconds)

Level Cost Number of Parrots
1 350 1
2 350 2


Related UpgradesEdit

  • Up KRF ShockAwe Shock and Awe (3 Stars): Artillery towers have a chance of stunning their targets on every attack.


  • "Savvy."
  • "Avast ye, landlubbers!"



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