"A massive orcish horde is gathering, preparing to attack Linirea... General, take the battle to them and thin out their numbers as much as you can!"

Rage Valley is the first Endless Challenge stage in Kingdom Rush. The player starts with 340 gold. It is unlocked after The Citadel has been beaten. It is not available on the Steam and Flash version.


Note that the first wave can start from any location and is randomized upon starting the level


Waves in Rage Valley are procedurally generated using these enemies:

Enemy First wave possible Points awarded (base) Points growth
Goblin 1 2
Orc 1 5
Wulf 2 6
Shaman 5
Gargoyle 10 7
Ogre 19 36
Worg 19 23
Goblin Zapper 21
Orc Champion 29
Worg Rider 29
Forest Troll 42


Wave Count HP
Damage Bounty
10 1 1600 2000 2400 40-90 200
20 1 3200 4000 4800 65-147
30 1 6400 8000 9600 106-239
40 1 9600 12000 14400 173-389 1000
50 1 16000 20000 24000 200-450 1000
60 1 39093 48866 58639 200-450 1000
70 1 63679 79599 95519 200-450 1000
80 1 103994 129992 155990 200-450 1000
90 1 168959 211199 253439 200-450 1000

Enemy Spells

Atop the hill overseeing the enemy compound is the Elder Shaman, who taunts you throughout the level with a grasp of the English language like no other goblin has. At his command are three different spells that can cause trouble for you, if you are not prepared.

The first is a Healing Totem, a straight winged staff emitting an orange glow. Any enemies that pass by the totem are subject to its healing aura.
The second is a Speed Totem, a curved winged staff emitting a blue glow. Enemies that pass by it are subject to its speeding aura, and move twice as fast for a few seconds.
The third is a Fire Totem, a horned staff bearing a sinister face and emitting a red glow. The totem appears amongst your troops and immediately inflicts any Soldiers or Heroes with a burn.


Survival Mode!
KR SurvMod1
Face an endless unrelenting enemy force and try to defeat as many as possible to compete for the best score!
KR SurvMod2
Earn huge bonus points and gold by calling waves earlier!


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