To the vanguard!
The Ranger Barracks is the level 3 Melee Tower tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Knights Barracks from the previous games and is upgraded from the Warden Barracks. They regenerate 20 hit points per second when idle.


"Equipped with Twin Blades, Rangers lead the way! The uncanny of the elven kingdom."

The appearance of the elves when upgraded to Rangers doesn't change that much, they instead of swords are equipped with Twin Blades. Like the Wardens they are highly versatile because of their melee and ranged attacks. The description is a reference to the Motto of the 75th Ranger Regiment.


  • This is a level 3 barrack tower. Upgrade to Ranger Barracks for better damage and survival for your troops. If there are troublesome enemies, then it can be upgraded to Bladesinger Hall or Forest Keepers.
  • Again, they can shoot arrows, so don't hesitate and place it near flying enemies. Remember that you still need archers or mages for better deal with flying enemies.

 Additonal Stats

  • Enchanted Armor gives +10% armor for a total of 60%.
  • In total with all upgrades, their EHP* is 350 points of physical damage per soldier (3 soldiers equals 1050 EHP).
  • The cost of the Defender Barracks is 510 Gold, 459 if upgraded.
  • Gold spend per EHP (for all 3 soldiers) is 0.49 (0.44 if upgraded).

Note: Effective Hit Points = how much damage a unit needs to take before dying.

Level 4 Upgrades

Icon BrrkBlade Bladesinger Hall

Icon BrrkForest Forest Keepers

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade B 01 Level-1 Elven Fencing (1 star): Reduces basic barracks construction costs. (-10% for level 1-3 melee towers)
  • KRO Upgrade B 02 Level-2 Expert Tactician (1 star): Increases barracks rally point range.
  • KRO Upgrade B 03 Level-3 Enchanted Armor (2 stars): Barracks equip soldiers with improved armor. (+10%)
  • KRO Upgrade B 04 Level-4 Moon Forged Blades (2 stars): Soldier attacks deal additional magic damage.
  • KRO Upgrade B 05 Level-5 Blessing of Elynie (3 stars): Soldiers have a 10% chance of cheating death when dealt lethal damage. (Soldiers revive with full health when proced.)


  • For the Queen!
  • Onward!
  • By the light of the moon!
  • To the vanguard!