Ranger Camp

"Gnoll tribes led by mysterious ogres are overrunning the few troops still defending the ruined wall."

Ranger Camp is located in Gryphon Point and Galadrian's Wall in Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Gryphon PointEdit

Two Rangers stand alongside Alleria Swiftwind upon the central mound of the level, high above the exit. From there they will attack enemies that come near, either at the north or north-eastern entrances or at the central exit. Each Archer's arrow deals 10 damage.

The rangers are present in all three challenge modes. It appears that after Alleria flees in the post level comic, they are re-assigned to watch the border of the Northern territories.

Galadrian's WallEdit

Near the center of the screen is a small Scout Camp apparently garrisoned by the two elves having a conversation in the cartoon intro panels. They provide supporting archery fire during the early levels. Archers deal low damage, but their fire rate is still relatively high, and they can attack both air and ground units. Every archer deals 10 damage per shot.

Sadly, the beginning of wave 10 sees their encampment torched by a Gnoll Burner, opening a new channel between the upper and lower lanes. They are not present in the Heroic and Iron Challenges.

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