"General! An ancient power has risen from eons of slumber and is commanding the desert tribes in an attempt to enslave the land once again. Face him at the Ruins of Nas'de and decimate his army!"

Ruins of Nas'de is the first Endless Challenge stage in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. The player starts with 520 gold. It is unlocked after Nazeru's Gates has been beaten.



Waves in Ruins of Nas'de are procedurally generated using these enemies:

Enemy First wave possible Points awarded (base) Points growth
Desert Thug 1 3
Dune Raider 1
Sand Hound 1 5
Dune Terror 1
Giant Wasp 9 6
Desert Archer 17
Immortal 17
War Hound 25
Giant Wasp Queen 28
Executioner 30
Giant Scorpion 31
Sand Wraith 32


The miniboss in Ruins of Nas'de is the Anoobis.

Wave Count HP
Damage Bounty
10 1 1750 2000 30-70 250
20 2 2630 3000 49-114 353
30 2 5250 6000 80-186 497
40 3 7880 9000 130-303 700
50 3 10442 12000 150-350 500
60 3 27365 150-350
70 3

Enemy Spells

Atop the great throne in the Ruins of Nas'de sits the self titled God King, who taunts you throughout the level much as egotistical bosses have done in the past. At his command are three different spells that can cause trouble for you in you are not prepared.

The first is an Obelisk with glowing purple runes down the side. The obelisk will appear in a path and start spawning Fallen before disappearing.
The second is a large pool of Quicksand, not unsimilar in appearance to the Sand Worm. Enemies that walk over the quicksand will disappear into it and pop up further along the path.
The third is a Sand Cloak, where small groups of enemies will become partially transparent, with small clouds of sand around them, allowing them to move past towers and soldiers without being noticed.


Survival Mode!
KR SurvMod1
Face an endless unrelenting enemy force and try to defeat as many as possible to compete for the best score!
KR SurvMod2
Earn huge bonus points and gold by calling waves earlier!



  • 'Nas'de' is an anagram of 'Sande', the first surname of Gonzalo Sande, one of the three founders of Ironhide Game Studio.
  • It is also an anagram of 'Denas.'
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