Sarelgaz is the boss of the elite stage Sarelgaz's Lair in Kingdom Rush.


One of the legendary spider queens, Sarelgaz rules the Northern lands.

Sarelgaz is the classic damage-sponge boss. While she has an astronomically huge HP pool, the highest in the series and a huge horde of minions, she has no special tricks at all, not even an area attack - the only thing she can do is make slow progress towards the exit, although her damage is so high that she'll instantly kill anything that she stacks.


  • One or two well-placed Tesla x104 will completely wreak 67% of Sarelgaz's army (which consists of Spider Matriarchs), allowing other towers to concentrate on the remaining 33% worth of Sons of Sarelgaz as well as Sarelgaz herself.
  • Do not send melee heroes against Sarelgaz - they'll instantly be eaten. Instead, use them to destroy her army.
  • Without sufficient firepower or number of soldiers, Sarelgaz can wade through your defense at ease. Buy upgrades that deal extra damage, or build more Barracks to stop her.
  • Notice that she has no resistance of any kind, so mages can deal good damage to her. Sorcerer Mages will deal damage even when she is shielded by her minions, and the curse synergize well with artillery to wreck Sons of Sarelgaz, while Arcane Wizards wear her down quickly if she is at front.
  • As Sarelgaz is spawned as part of the final wave instead of after it, her defeat does not kill all other enemies on the map. Make sure you are prepared to take on all the other enemies that will remain in play.
  • One great strategy to stall Sarelgaz is to buy two barracks near each other, when Sarelgaz kills them all, upgrade them to the other level and so on. If you have no more upgrades, sell the barracks and repeat the pattern. During this time Sarelgaz will remain static, allowing other towers to kill her.





Sarelgaz's attacks.

Related achievements


ARACHNOPHOBIA Defeat Sarelgaz and her minions.

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