Satyr Hoplites (Hoplite on the mobile version) are giant satyrs (half-man, half-goat) that live in the Faery Forest in Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Overview Edit

Formidable warriors that delight in close combat while calling their allies into battle.

By banging their shield, Satyr Hoplites can summons three Satyr Cutthroats. They have a fair amount of hit points and deal quite a bit of damage. The Satyr Cutthroats that they summon unfortunately give no gold, making them very obnoxious.

In Impossible difficulty, they gain not only health but also a much better armor rating, making mages vital in order to stop them.

Satyr Hoplites cannot summon Cutthroats near the exit.

Strategy Edit

  • There are two overall strategies to defeat the Satyr Hoplites. The first involves killing them quickly before they can spawn too many minions:
    • Mages should be used against them, preferably Wild Magus with Ward of Disruption to disable the summoning. These enemies can sponge a lot of physical damage, and if left unnoticed, can call an entire swarm of Satyr Cutthroats to the battlefield.
    • The High Elven Mage can be effective, too, able to phase them out of the field for a few seconds, disable them from summoning while dealing decent damage. The Arcane Sentinels can track them down even if they dash out of range, adding a little more damage to support other towers.
    • The Golden Longbows, with some luck and good placement, can kill them from across the battlefield by his Crimson Sentence ability, even before they can call in any Cutthroat. Plan forth and predict their route to set up your Longbow accordingly for this to happen.
  • Alternatively, a choke point with multiple Druids can be set up. These can smash any number of summoned Cutthroats, while also wearing down the Hoplites.
    • Druids will be much more effective against the Hoplites themselves if they are upgraded with Heavy Load, especially in Impossible difficulty.
  • Sometimes, Satyr Hoplites may follow the gemstone paths in a Faery Forest to plow deep into the player's defense unharmed, appearing very close to the exit. One has to pay attention to these paths and the light orbs on them - the Hoplites form into larger orbs - and build Barracks to stop them when they got out of the path. ATt least one tower should be kept at the back row at all times to support soldiers in killing these enemies.

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