Saurian Brutes are giant Saurians, armed with high-tech energy whips. They are the most powerful regular enemies in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Towering, unstoppable angry reptiles armed with energy whips!

Saurian Brutes are giant, slow but tremendously durable enemies that can stave off many attacks. As befitting their technology, their energy whips do True Damage regardless and allow them to have a chance to attack extremely quickly three times and multiply the damage based on how many times they attack in quick succession: the first hit deals 60-120 damage, the next one deals 120-240 damage and the third hit deals 180-360 damage, totaling up to 360-720 damage and ignoring armor. As such, they might kill fragile heroes like Nivus in no time, and even the mighty Grawl couldn't stand for long. Even a fully upgraded Rain of Fire can't kill them. Lots and lots of firepower are required to bring down these behemoths.

How they acquired energy whips is unknown, as this technology is obviously not native to this planet's current inhabitants. Enigmatic, but not really relevant.


  • A single Battle Mecha with the final star upgrade, Shock and Awe, will slow down the Brute greatly. The Mecha shoots fast enough to stun the Brute several times, allowing other towers to damage it.
  • A Necromancer can play a similar role: his skeletons are numerous enough to slow the Brute down to a crawl, and his damage is very decent, especially with Pestilence.
  • Safe disposal of Saurian Brutes is possible with instant kills such as Sha'tra's Abduction and the DWAARP's Core Drill.
  • Lay the damage! Purchase plenty of Critical Mass, Barrage, Furnace Blast, Wasp Missiles and Totems of Weakness, and bring in the Rain of Fire when the Brute enters your kill zone. Note that your main source of damage in this tactic are Critical Mass and Barrage, so prioritize the two skills when you are setting up your defence.
  • Note that Saurian Brutes are very strong in a fight. Thus, you should not try to block them with your hero or soldiers. If you intend to block a Brute, your best bet would be to recruit Templars with upgrades on Toughness and Holy Grail - beware, even they cannot stave off the Brute's blows for long. Blocking a Brute with your hero is highly inefficient, as s/he would most likely die to the area attacks, unable to inflict much damage, and you suffer from a lengthy respawn.
  • In place of blocking, you could use the Twister to pick up Brutes and move them backwards, however this spell has a very long cooldown, so is not effective to stall the Brute on its own.


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