This page contains a list of scenery in Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Kingdom Rush: Origins and Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

Functional[edit | edit source]

These pieces of scenery affect gameplay more or less and have their own pages.

All Games[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Scn StratPoint.PNG
Strategic Point All

Kingdom Rush[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Scn ImpGuard.PNG
Imperial Guard The Citadel
Scn Graveyard.PNG
Graveyard The Wastes
The Dark Tower
Scn MagmaField.PNG
Magma Field Forsaken Valley
Scn Veznan.PNG
Vez'nan The Dark Tower (Campaign only)
Scn PoisPool.PNG
Poison Pool Rotten Forest
Fungal Forest
Scn ZomPile.PNG
Zombie Grave Rotwick
Ancient Necropolis
Castle Blackburn
Scn SkelPile.PNG
Skeleton Pile Rotwick
Ancient Necropolis
Castle Blackburn
Scn Trash.PNG
Trash Rotwick
Ancient Necropolis
Castle Blackburn
Scn ElderSham.png
Elder Shaman Rage Valley

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Scn Duskar.PNG
Duskar Sape Oasis
Scn Sandworm.PNG
Sand Worm Dunes of Despair
Scn Overgrowth.PNG
Overgrowth Crimson Valley
Snapvine Bridge
Lost Jungle
Ma'qwa Urqu
Temple of Saqra
Scn SnapVine.PNG
Snapvine Snapvine Bridge
Scn Spaceship.PNG
Spaceship Lost Jungle
Scn Volcano.PNG
Volcano Ma'qwa Urqu
Scn Rubble.PNG
Rubble The Underpass
Beresad's Lair
The Dark Descent
Emberspike Depths
Scn Beresad.PNG
Beresad Beresad's Lair
Scn Malagar.PNG
Lord Malagar Emberspike Depths
Scn Leviathan.jpeg
Leviathan The Sunken Citadel
Scn Moon.PNG
Moon Bonesburg
Desecrated Grove
Dusk Chateau
Scn GodKing.PNG
God King Ruins of Nas'de
Scn PSpawn.png
Parasyte Pit Temple of Ethereal Evil
Scn RQueen.png
Reaper Queen Temple of Ethereal Evil

Kingdom Rush: Origins[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Scn RiverTrail.PNG
River Trail Waterfalls Trail
Scn MagicBlossom.png
Magic Blossom Waterfall Trails
Redwood Stand
Royal Gardens
Gryphon Point
Valor's Rest
Scn AwokVill.PNG
Awok Village Redwood Stand
Scn Alleria.PNG
Alleria Swiftwind Gryphon Point
Gryphon Rider.png
Gryphon Rider Gryphon Point
Scn VenomVine.png
Venom Vine Rockhenge
The Unseelie Court
Scn Beanstalk.PNG
Beanstalk Grimmsburg
Scn CrysDrag.PNG
Crystal Serpent The Crystal Lake
Scn ShroomGame.PNG
Shroom Game Neverwonder
Scn MushPatch.PNG
Mushroom Patch Neverwonder
The Unseelie Court
Scn Malicia.PNG
Malicia The Unseelie Court
Scn SorcererStone.png
Sorcerer's Stone The Ascent
Arcane Quarters
Mactans' Retreat
Shrine of Elynie
Scn BroodEggs.PNG
Spiderbrood Eggs Mactans' Retreat
Shrine of Elynie
Scn Mactans.PNG
Mactans Mactans' Retreat
Shrine of Elynie
Scn Rangers.PNG
Ranger Camp Gryphon Point

Galadrian’s Wall

Scn Bloodsydian.PNG
Bloodsydian Blood Quarry
Beheader's Seat
Scn Malik.PNG
Malik Blood Quarry
Scn SleepTree.PNG
Sleeping Tree Duskwood Outpost
Scn HeeHaw.PNG
Hee-Haw the Wicked Valor's Rest
Scn Aiynl.png
Ainyl Twilight Invasion
Scn Lava Pit.png
Lava Pit Tainted Pit

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Scn Minecarts.PNG
Mine Train Kazan Mines
Scn MechaFact.PNG
Mecha Factory Clockwork Factory
Scn ChompFact.PNG
Chompbot Factory Clockwork Factory
Scn Bolger.PNG
Bolgur the Golden King Bolgur's Throne
Frozen Land Northerners' Village
Frozen Rapids
Northerners' Village
Dragons' Boneyard
Jokull's Nest
Scn Arkuz.PNG
Arkuz Northerners' Village
Jokull's Nest
Scn Blizzard.PNG
Snowstorm Dragons' Boneyard
Scn Jokull.PNG
Jokull Jokull's Nest
Scn Farmhouse.PNG
Farmhouse Otil Farmlands
Scn Hungry.PNG
Toad House City of Lozagon
Scn Magnus.PNG
Magnus Spellbane City of Lozagon
Scn Armory.png
Armory Lightseeker Camp
Scn Saddlery.png
Saddlery Lightseeker Camp
Scn VengVez.PNG
Vez'nan Denas's Castle
Scn Archers.png
Citadel Archers Denas's Castle
Scn CCannon.PNG
Courtyard Cannons Denas's Castle
Scn Infusion.png
Infusion Crystal Anurian Plaza
Pond of the Sage
Scn AShrine.png
Anurian Shrine Anurian Plaza
Pond of the Sage
Scn Hypno.png
Hypnotoad Anurian Plaza
Scn SnowGolem.png
Snow Golem Breaking the Ice
Into the Mountains
The Frozen Throne
Scn HauntedGem.png
Haunted Gem Back To The Rotten Forest
A Night In The Swamp
The Ancient Ghosts
Scn RotRoots.png
Rotten Roots Back To The Rotten Forest
A Night In The Swamp
The Ancient Ghosts
Scn BlackArmor.png
Blackburn's Armor The Ancient Ghosts
Scn Deathray.PNG
Deathray Coil All Kingdom Rush: Vengeance levels
(with Upgrades)

Special Towers[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Rush[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Sylvan Elves.PNG
Sylvan Elf Hall Silveroak Forest
Fungal Forest
Sasquatch Icewind Pass
Sunray Tower Stormcloud Temple(Excludes iOS)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Tower LegionArch.PNG
Legion Archer Hammerhold
Sandhawk Hamlet
Tower Mercenary Camp.PNG
Mercenary Camp Dunes of Despair
SCUMM Bar Buccaneer's Den
Snapvine Bridge
Port Tortuga
Tower PirateCap.jpeg
Pirate Cap Buccaneer's Den
Tower SpearHut.PNG
Spear Maiden Hut Crimson Valley
Tower DwarfBastion.PNG
Dwarven Bastion The Dark Descent
Tower DwarfHall.PNG
Dwarf Hall The Dark Descent
Darlight Depths
Tower PirateWatch.PNG
Pirate Watchtower Port Tortuga
Tower ShrineOfRegnos.PNG
Shrine of Regnos Storm Atoll
The Sunken Citadel
Tower DarkForge.PNG
Dark Forge Bonesburg

Kingdom Rush: Origins[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
KRO TowerBox AwokHut.png
Awok Hut Redwood Stand
Gryphon Rider.png
Gryphon Rider Gryphon Point
KRO TowerBox FaeryDragon.png
Faery Dragon Aerie The Crystal Lake
KRO TowerBox Gnome.png
Gnome Garden The Unseelie Court
KRO TowerBox DragonNest.png
Dragon Nest Arcane Quarters
KRO TowerBox YBeresad.png
Young Beresad Arcane Quarters
KRO TowerBox Renegade.png
Renegade Post Shrine of Elynie
Tower Bastion.png
Bastion Galadrian's Wall

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance[edit | edit source]

Image Name Levels
Troll Mercenaries.PNG
Troll Mercenaries Northerners' Outpost
Frozen RapidsI
Northerners' VillageH & I
Dragons' BoneyardH & I
Jokull's NestH & I
Breaking the IceH & I
Into the MountainsH & I
The Frozen ThroneH & I
Spider Nest.PNG
Spider Nest Silveroak Outpost
Caravan Lightseeker Camp

Terrain[edit | edit source]

Main article: Terrain

Interactive[edit | edit source]

These pieces of scenery are interactive through clicks (Flash/Steam) or taps (Mobile). While some will trigger Achievements, others will simply animate and have no other effect. These do not have page entries of their own.

Image Name Levels Click/Tap Effect
Scn2 Sheep.PNG
Sheep Southport
The Farmlands
Twin Rivers
Repeated tapping causes explosions
Achievement Ovinophobia.png OVINOPHOBIA
Scn2 Windmill.PNG
Windmill Southport
The Farmlands
Stop/Start rotating blades
Scn2 Fish.PNG
Fish Pagras
Twin Rivers
Catches fish
Achievement Twin Rivers Angler.png TWIN RIVERS ANGLER
Scn2 Goat.PNG
Mountain Goat Coldstep Mines
Icewind Pass
Stormcloud Temple
Repeated tapping causes explosions

Achievement Ovinophobia.png OVINOPHOBIA

Scn2 Freddo.PNG
Fredo Sarelgaz's Lair Repeated tapping frees Fredo
Freefredo.pngFREE FREDO
Scn2 Scrat.PNG
Scrat Glacial Heights Repeated tapping frees the acorn
Scrat's Meal.pngSCRAT'S MEAL
Scn2 IceShroom.PNG
Ice Shroom Ha'Kraj Plateau Find five
Plants vs Trolls.pngPLANTS VS TROLLS
Scn2 Sewer.PNG
Sewer Rotwick Ninja Rat emerges from the sewer
Stm Ach Cowabunga.png COWABUNGA
Scn2 Raven.PNG
Raven Ancient Necropolis Raven flies away
Stm Ach Nevermore.png NEVERMORE
Scn2 Bubbles.PNG
Lake Bubbles Nightfang Swale Nessie rises out of the lake
Stm Ach Nessie.png NESSIE
Scn2 Stargate.PNG
Stargate Sandhawk Hamlet Stargate activates but shorts out
Scn2 Bantah.PNG
Desert Bantah Sape Oasis Repeated tapping causes diarrhea
Scn2 Frog.PNG
Frog Sape Oasis Frog dons a hat and cane and dances
Scn2 Camel.PNG
Camel Dunes of Despair
Nazeru's Gates
Repeated tapping causes explosions
Scn2 Vulture.PNG
Vulture Dunes of Despair
Nazeru's Gates
Flaps its wings and flies up a little
Scn2 Mermaid.PNG
Mermaid Buccaneer's Den Tap to reveal her
Scn2 Hunter.png
Alien Hunter Crimson Valley
Snapvine Bridge
Lost Jungle
Tap to reveal them on each level
14.pngONE *UGLY* $%@#
Scn2 Bottle.PNG
Message in a Bottle Snapvine Bridge Tap to catch the bottle
Scn2 Temple.PNG
Temple Puzzle Temple of Saqra Tap the symbols in order (2-1-3) to find the treasure and kill some Parasite eggs.
Scn2 Reptile.PNG
Reptile Darklight Depths Tap to reveal him
Kombat.png YOU'VE FOUND ME
Scn2 Loria.PNG
Gates of Loria Darklight Depths Tap to make the door light up
Scn2 Deer.PNG
Deer The High Cross
Waterfalls Trail
Redwood Stand
Royal Gardens
Repeated tapping causes explosions
Scn2 Bunny.PNG
Bunny The High Cross
Waterfalls Trail
Gryphon Point
Tap to make them dig out of sight
Scn2 Crane.PNG
Crane Waterfalls Trail Repeated tapping results in it being eaten
Scn2 Vine.PNG
Vine Redwood Stand Tap repeatedly to make George swing in
OrAchP1 6George.png GEORGE FALL
Scn2 Hedges.PNG
Hedges Royal Gardens Tap each to change the design
Scn2 Obelix.PNG
Obelix Rockhenge Tap to feed him a large chunk of wild boar
Scn2 GngHouse.PNG
Gingerbread House Grimmsburg Tap to call the witch, repeated tapping causes explosions
OrAchP2 2Candy.png CANDY RUSH
Scn2 Friends.PNG
Fairytale Friends Grimmsburg Tap each one to make them run and hide
OrAchP2 1Peek.png PEEKABOO
Scn2 Gnomes.PNG
Gnomes Neverwonder Tap to make them vanish
OrAchP2 5Garg.png GARGAMEL
Scn2 Lemur.PNG
Dancing Lemur The Ascent Tap to make him dance
OrAchP3 1MoveIt.png I LIKE TO MOVE IT
Scn2 Artefacts.PNG
Magical Artefacts Arcane Quarters Tap each one to make them disappear
Scn2 CrySkull.png
Strange Skulls Galadrian's Wall
Blood Quarry
Beheader's Seat
Tap each one to make them disappear
Scn2 WileE.PNG
Wile E. Coyote Beheader's Seat Tap the bushes a few times to free Road Runner
OrAch WilE.png WILE E.
Scn2 Drizzt.png
Drizzt Do'Urden Duskwood Outpost Wait for the Gnoll to appear, and tap to make them chase after the Gnoll
Scn Door.PNG
Hidden Doorway Dwarven Gate Tap to open
Scn Dillo.PNG
Armadillos Corridors of the Old City Tap to make them roll up
VAch Morph.png MORPHBALL
Scn DKCarts.PNG
DK Cart Chase Kazan Mines Tap the Kremling
Scn Mole.PNG
Jumping Moles Kazan Mines Tap to knock to the floor
VAch Guac.png GUAC-A-MOLE
Scn Moes.PNG
Moe's Bar Golden Brewery Repeated tapping to serve up drinks
VAch Borney.png BUUURP!
Scn T800.PNG
T-800 Clockwork Factory Tap to melt the Terminator
VAch T800.png I'LL BE BACK
Scn Bollum.PNG
Bollum Clockwork Factory Tap the ring, then repeatedly tap Bollum
VAch Bollum.png MY PRECIOUS!
Scn Scrooge.PNG
Scrooge McDuck Bolgur's Throne Tap the shaking coins
VAch Kilts.png CURSE ME KILTS!
Scn Horn.PNG
Northerner's Horn Northerners' Outpost Tap repeatedly to hear Careless Whisper's beginning
VAch Tempo.png NOT MY TEMPO
Scn Olav.PNG
Olav Northerners' Village Tap twice to find the magical iceman
VAch Olav.png LET IT GO!
Scn Penguins.PNG
Penguins Frozen Rapids Tap to discover the hidden agents
Scn Seal.PNG
Seal Frozen Rapids Tap to send them back into the water
Scn Hodor.png
Hodor Northerners' Village Tap repeatedly to break the door and release Draugrs
VAch Hodor.png HOLD THE DOOR
Scn Bonehart.PNG
Bonehart's Bones Dragons' Boneyard Tap the bones and dragon skull
Scn Pumpkins.PNG
Pumpkins Otil Farmlands Repeatedly tap to break all the pumpkins
Scn Gommi.PNG
Gommi Bears Silveroak Outpost Tap all of the spying eyes
Scn Streetlamp.PNG
Streetlamps City of Lozagon Tap to break the lamp
Scn Root.PNG
Root Lightseeker Camp Tap repeatedly to grow Root
VAch Root.png I'M ROOT
Scn Kermit.png
Kermit Maginicia Shores Tap to make Kermit sip tea
Scn Froggy.png
Froggy Pond of the Sage Tap to help Froggy cross the road
VAch Frogger.png CROSSY FROGGY
Scn CapShield.png
Cap's Shield Breaking the Ice Tap to cover the shield in snow
VAch Cap.png FIND CAP
Scn Doggo.png
Dog Into the Mountains Tap the dog to make him bark. Tap again to reveal the alien inside. Tap again or wait to make the alien die.
Scn SkiFree.PNG
Skier and yeti The Frozen Throne Tap the skier to allow the yeti to catch up.
VAch SkiFree.png SKI FREE
Scn Slender.png
Ofuda and Slenderman Back To The Rotten Forest Tap the Ofuda to clear them, then tap Slenderman when he appears.
VAch Slender.png TOO LATE?
Scn Gillman.png
Lido Lady A Night In The Swamp Tap the relaxing woman until Gillman takes her under.
VAch Gillman.png THE GILL-MAN
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