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"Hunting season begins!"
The Sentinel Arbor is the level 3 Ranged Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Sharpshooter Tower from the previous games and is upgraded from the Watcher Arbor.


"Sentinels not only have the best bows and arrows, but they also come in threes!"



  • They have a really fast fire rate compared to other archer towers. Although their damage per attack doesn't sounds much, their fast fire rate really helps them balance their damage per second compared to other towers.
  • Use it near enemies that are not resistant to physical damage. The upgrade Obsidian Heads helps against non-armored targets greatly.
  • Using Hunter Arbor near fast enemies isn't recommended, since some arrows will miss them. Instead, use mages or stall the enemies with barracks soldiers or reinforcements.

Level 4 Upgrades

Icon ArchArcn Arcane Archers

Icon ArchLong Golden Longbows

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade A 01 Level-1 Master Shooter (1 star): Increases Archer attack damage. (6-12 damage)
  • KRO Upgrade A 02 Level-2 Treesinged Bow (1 star): Increases Archer attack range (by 10%).
  • KRO Upgrade A 03 Level-3 Obsidian Heads (2 stars): Archers deal maximum damage against unarmored targets.
  • KRO Upgrade A 04 Level-4 Elven Training (2 stars): Improves all Archer special abilities.
  • KRO Upgrade A 05 Level-5 Bloodletting Shot (3 stars): Archer attacks have a 15% chance of causing heavy bleeding.


  • Trust our aim!
  • Swift and steady!
  • Hunting season begins!