Certain combinations and sequences of towers work well.

  • The best damage per dollar is done by the level one Ranged Towers and Magic Towers. Simply filling every strategic point with whichever level one tower is suitable to the enemy mix is not a bad starting point for many levels.
  • Since Artillery Towers do more damage when enemies are bunched up, it is ideal to place an Artillery Tower followed by an Arcane Wizard with Teleport. When the teleport operates it will relocate earlier enemies on top of later enemies and the Artillery will hurt both with one shot. Other towers that slow enemies such as Melee Towers, Rangers Hideout with Wrath of the Forest, or Magic Towers with Slow Curse upgrade, combine well with Artillery for the same reason. On the other hand, a Magic Tower or Ranged Tower is likely to be constantly firing with multiple enemies in range. There may be no benefit to bunching up enemies in its range because the tower will do the same damage each second whether there is one enemy in range or ten. The teleport would be wasted in this case.
  • If you use any Melee Towers at all on a level, you will want at least one of them close to the exit, supported by at least one magic or ranged tower that is as powerful as possible. This is the point where a lucky enemy who slips through your other defenses can be stopped. And because enemies will be weakened by the time they near the exit, the Melee Tower is less likely to be completely overrun and temporarily useless. By the same token, a Melee Tower right at an enemy entrance will spend much of the level completely overrun and not slowing down enemies at all.
  • Rapid firing, lower cost Ranged Towers will deal some damage to every enemy that passes nearby. These towers should be placed earlier on the enemy path so that weak enemies will be eliminated. Later on, the path upgraded slow firing Magic Towers can target and kill the strong enemies that survived the earlier ranged attacks. If the order were reversed, the Magic Towers would randomly attack both weak and strong enemies and often waste damage on overkill of weak enemies. The strong enemies that slipped through would not be stopped by the Ranged Towers.
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