The Shrine of Regnos is a special manually-controlled tower that appears in Storm Atoll and The Sunken Citadel. It fires a very powerful energy beam that deals damage in a small area.


The Shrine of Regnos first appears as a disused building. For the price of 500 gold, it can be repaired to gain the favor of Regnos, the Lord of the Sea.

The hefty price of the Shrine of Regnos is compensated by its pure power: even at the first level, it deals huge area damage (250-750), which is very useful to quickly get rid of a lot of Greenfins or Deviltides cluttered together, or to wear down a tough Bluegale or Bloodshell.

For another 500 gold, the Shrine can be additionally restored to increase its damage; this can be done twice, and will additionally instantly recharge the Shrine. When maxed, the Shrine deals a whopping 1000-2000 damage: a Blacksurge will certainly not survive, and even the tough Bloodshells will see their hit points drop abruptly. It is, in many ways, similar to the Sunray Tower from Kingdom Rush.

The Shrine of Regnos is not to be used liberally - it has 30 seconds of reload time. A ready Shrine can be noticed by the glowing pink orbs at the base of the statue.