Snapvines are carnivorous plants found in Snapvine Bridge.


There are five Snapvines in the Campaign and Heroic Challenge modes of Snapvine Bridge. They are initially passive and do nothing until activated

Snapvine near the river

The first Snapvine activates at wave 2, and one inactive Snapvine activates every two waves in Campaign mode. In the Heroic Challenge, one Snapvine activates on every wave. Snapvines do not appear in the Iron Challenge.


Every wave, whenever a unit (friendly or enemy) stands in front of a Snapvine, it will eat that unit (and all units standing in a line from it, in the same lane), instantly killing them. Enemies killed by Snapvines still give gold.

Snapvines cannot eat Gorillons, Ashbite or Bonehart. Snapvines do not manually target Giant Wasps but can still swallow them when they stand in the same line with other units.

Tips & Tricks

When using melee heroes, pay attention to where he is going when fighting foes. It is easy for the hero to jump into melee with enemies and sit right in range of a Snapvine. This problem hardly arises with ranged heroes, since you could manually place them in a safe spot, and they do not move to fight foes.

Related Achievements

12 FEED ME, SEYMOUR Feed over 50 creatures to the Snapvines.

Snapvine about to eat a Savage Warrior

Feed me, Seymour!