KRO Spells SorcererStone

Sorcerer's Stones are mystical crystals found throughout the First Elven City in Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Description Edit

When tapped on, a Sorcerer's Stone will cause one of these effects to happen at random:

  • Freezes all enemies in a set radius for 4 seconds, excluding the Spider Goddess.
  • Fires magical beams at nearby enemies, dealing True Damage. (not lethal)
  • Temporarily boosts the attack power (1.75x) of nearby towers and soldiers for 5 seconds. All towers and soldiers affected by a Sorcerer's Stone will be surrounded by a blue circular aura.

Strategy Edit

  • Always activate the Stones when a large group of enemies is nearby or when in danger of leaking.
  • While the Stones are not extremely powerful, it can be effective to position your defences around them. This will allow the buff and the freeze effect to reach their full potential. However, if they are in an inconvenient position, just use them when a large group of enemies is nearby for some damage or a less effective freeze.

Related AchievementsEdit

OrAchP3 7Wint WINTER IS COMING Freeze 100 enemies with the Sorcerer's Stones.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The hero Durax is similar in appearance to the Sorcerer's Stone, especially when he is in his Prism form.
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