Event Impact

Soul Impact is the second major spell in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. It replaces Rain of Fire in the Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and Thunderbolt in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Soul Impact isn't accurate, like Rain of Fire in the original game, so you must place them directly on the enemy. Similarly, Soul Impact has a long cooldown (70 seconds) reducing its effectiveness until it is upgraded.

Impact deals area damage (area: 115) and Spectre deals damage to single targets.


Level Impacts Damage Per Impact
Base 3 25-55
Extra Impacts 4 25-55
Tornado of Souls 6 25-55


  • KRVUp XImpact EXTRA IMPACTS (2 souls): When the spells cast, adds an extra impact near the place the first one hit.
    • KRVUp SShock SOUL SHOCKWAVE (1 soul): The impact now stuns the affected enemies for 0.4 second.
  • KRVUp Call CALL OF THE DAMNED (3 souls): After the impact, releases 2 spectres that chase and deal 7-22 damage each.
    • KRVUp XSpect EXTRA SPECTRES (2 souls): Soul impacts now release at most 4 spectres when they hit.
    • KRVUp Fear FEAR OF THE DAMNED (1 soul): Spectres decrease enemies' movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • KRVUp Feast FEAST OF THE DAMNED (1 soul): Each enemy killed by this spell reduces the cool down for the next cast by 2 seconds.
  • KRVUp Echoes SOUL ECHOES (3 souls): After the impact ends, there is a 25% chance of it striking again in the same place.
  • KRVUp Tornado TORNADO OF SOULS (5 souls): When the spell is cast, 2 extra impacts will fall across the battlefield.

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VAch Vezn UNLIMITED POWER! (30 gems) Kill 5,000 enemies with Vez'nan's powers.