Crashed Ship

The crashed spaceship makes an appearance in the Lost Jungle, half buried in the soil of the jungle and surrounded by almost a dozen egg pods of extra-terrestrial origin. The ship is presumably the origin of the eggs.


The spaceship has apparently been in the jungle for quite some time, as it even appears on the world map.

The ship itself does nothing, but the eggs on the ground around it will eventually hatch into deadly Parasytes. Eggs begin hatching from the start of Wave 5, spawning Parasytes onto the northern path, and will hatch again every 15 seconds, with more Parasytes each time, appearing onto both paths. Waves 12 and 13 are a brief period where they only hatch every 30 seconds, but the 15 second intervals return in Wave 14, when six Parasytes will hatch onto each path at once.

Parasytes hatched from eggs do not give Gold.


  • Since Sha'tra has same symbols on his blades and head, as these on the spaceship, and the ship in his ability Abduction looks like this spaceship in appearance, it is possible that he is the pilot who crash landed on Earth.
  • There are four similar egg pods near the Temple of Saqra. However, these ones do not spawn Parasytes unless if you tap the three symbols (mentioned below) in the wrong order.
  • The strange symbols on the side of the ship is related to those on the entrance of the Temple of Saqra. By clicking the symbols on the temple wall in the same order as those on the ship, you can open access to a secret treasure chamber for explorer Indiana Jones, who will then escape the temple being chased by a boulder that also crushes the aforementioned four egg pods. Doing so grant the Dr. Henry Walton achievement.