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SNest Icon Spider nest, spider nest...

The Spider Nest is a Special Tower that only appears in Silveroak Outpost. It houses a Spider Matriarch laying eggs that hatch into Spiderlings that engage and attack enemies.



Sticky Web

Icon Sticky Sticky!

Weaves a sticky net around the tower, slowing enemies that step on it.

Cost* Slowdown
220 20%


Icon Spiderling Here comes the spider-man!

Adds additional eggs, to a maximum of three.

Level Cost* Spiderlings
1 90 2
2 90 3

Spider's health degrades over time; -9 HP per 2 seconds.

MiniBox Spling HP Damage* (1.0s) Armor Respawn
90 (117) Melee 30-50 None 15 seconds

*: Both the cost and the damage are not affected by upgrades.


Unlike most special unit towers like mercenary camps, the Matriarch in this one respawns every available spider for free. Sticky Web can be ignored because its effect is almost non-existent.

Related Achievements

VAch Spider BROODMOTHER (30 gems) Spawn 200 Spiderlings.


  • Spider nest, spider nest
    • Based on the theme song to the Spider-Man TV series from 1967. The first line "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can" is still widely recognised and a permanent part of Spider-Man fan culture.
  • Here comes the spider-man!
    • Again, this line comes directly from the same theme song, this time it is the last line of the song "Look out, here comes the Spider-Man!"


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