Steam Trading Cards are a collectable feature for all games found on Steam. They are earned randmly or through completing tasks, and can be turned into badges or traded for community items.

Kingdom Rush

Steam Trading Cards were first introduced for Kingdom Rush on 24 January 2014. There are 5 cards in total, and you are given thee at random for purchasing and laying the game.

The cards have the name of the in-game heroes:

King Denas

King Denas Card

Available for $0.16

"Your majesty itself brings an arsenal of power and courage to the battlefield.

Long live the king!"

Gerald Lightseeker

Gerald Card

Available for $0.17

"Defender of the righteous, Punisher of the dark, Protector of the innocent, Crusher of evil beings.

Gerald Lightseeker is the uncanny of Linireas armed forces."

Malik Hammerfury

Malik Card

Available for $0.13

"From a land far far away, A hero with unmatched strength, Untamed mind and unbroken will.

A destructive force, An unleashed fury, A bullet train attitude!"

Alleria Swiftwind

Alleria Card

Available for $0.13

"Silent as the night, light as a feather and deadly beautiful.

Too many have fallen by her charming gaze and many more by her fatal bow."


Vez'nan Card

Available for $0.16

"Master of dark arts, no opponent has been able to look him in the eye without perishing in the most unpleasant of ways.

The most evil being you will ever encounter, watch out for his evil bad jokes!"

A full set of wallpapers, emoticons and badges are available. Check out the Steam Trading Cards Wiki for more details.