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Quiver and quake!
The Stone Circle is the level 1 Artillery Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Dwarven Bombard from the previous games.


"The Stone druids hurl heavy rocks that deal area damage."

The tower consists of a muscular old man, around whom are placed rocks in a circular form. The man throws giant boulders that deal area damage to enemies.

The Stone Circle can be upgraded to the Boulder Circle.


  • Although they may seem the same, a Dwarvern Bombard does  8-15 damage while a Stone Circle 7-12 damage, and a Dwarvern Bombard has average range while a stone circle has short range.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade D 01 Level-1 Hardened Boulders (1 star): Increases Druid attack damage. (8-14 damage)
  • KRO Upgrade D 02 Level-2 Sharp Splinters (1 star): Increases boulder explosion area.
  • KRO Upgrade D 03 Level-3 Earth Mastery (2 stars): Increases Druid attack range.
  • KRO Upgrade D 04 Level-4 Heavy Load (3 stars): Boulder explosions ignore physical armor
  • KRO Upgrade D 05 Level-5 Shocking Impact (3 stars): Boulder explosions slow enemies for a short time. (By 50% for 0.5 second)


  • Quiver and quake!
  • Like a rolling stone!
  • Let's rock... and roll!