"Ashes to ashes!"
The Sunray Tower is a special tower only available in Level 9, the Stormcloud Temple. It utilizes Sunray Sorcerers to fire a single, concentrated solar beam at any one enemy, ground or air alike. The beam can be activated by pressing 4, then clicking on the appropriate unit with the mouse.

The Sunray Tower is unavailable on the iOS and Android versions, due to its high resource demands (Shop). It has a similar function to the Shrine of Regnos introduced at a much later date in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, however the Sunray Tower deals single-target damage, while the Shrine of Regnos deals damage over an area. For some reason, it is also unavailable on the Steam version.


It is a tower that charges the sun rays via Sunray Sorcerers, and then retains that energy until it is needed to fire.

When used, it will instantly fire at a single enemy, dealing damage. The damage depends on the number of Sunray Sorcerers present. Each sorcerer costs 100 Gold to recruit; and in addition to that, recruiting a Sorcerer will instantly recharge the tower. The tower cannot target empty spaces.


Sorcerers Damage Cool-down
1 75-125 19s
2 125-175 16s
3 175-225 13s
4 225-275 10s


  • You should use the Sunray Tower shots only on big and problematic foes like Dark Slayers, Yetis, Rocket Riders and J.T.
  • Use the upgrades wisely. A skilled player can upgrade the Sunray Tower immediately after using it, which recharges it instantly.

Related Achievements

Achievement Sunburner! SUNBURNER! Fire the Sunray 20 times.