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This article is about the tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. For the enemy in Kingdom Rush, see Swamp Thing.

TwrIcon SThing.png I will cede no ground.

The Swamp Thing is a premium tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, available as an in-app purchase that costs $4.99. The Swamp Thing can either stay within the tower and throw rocks at enemies, functioning as a Ranged Tower, or step onto the path to block enemies as a Melee Tower.


A monster from the deepest swamps, it throws toxic balls and can fight on the road.

This amazing combined tower shows the true power of the swamp thing. 

This mighty creature smashes his way through enemies, with powerful melee attacks or destroys them from a distance, squashing them with boulders of moldy rocks and slime.

Release his primal rage on the battlefield and you will be unbeatable!


Level Damage
(With Upgrades)
Fire Rate Range Build
SThing I.PNG 1 19-21
2.1s 370 120
SThing II.PNG 2 38-42
2.1s 430 150
SThing III.PNG 3 65-71
2.1s 500 210
SThing IV.PNG 4 90-100
2.1s 600 290

Level HP
(With Upgrades)
Melee Damage
(2.5s attack rate)
Armor Respawn
Swampy I.PNG 1 800 10-20 None 20 seconds
Swampy II.PNG 2 1500 20-40 None 20 seconds
Swampy III.PNG 3 2200 30-80 None 20 seconds
Swampy IV.PNG 4 3000 40-100 None 20 seconds



TwrSkill ST 1.png "Thing SMASH!" 

The Swamp Thing has a small chance of instakilling its primary target with each hit.

Level Cost
(With Upgrades)
Chance of Instant Kill
1 140
2 140
3 140

Blinding Liquid[]

TwrSkill ST 2.png "Now you see me..."

Each attack has a chance of stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

Level Cost
(With Upgrades)
Chance of Stun
1 120
2 120
3 120


TwrSkill ST 3.png "Ah! Fresh meat..."

Each time the Swamp Thing kills an enemy, it regenerates 35% of its maximum HP.

Level Cost
(With Upgrades)
HP Restored
1 80


The Swamp Thing has 2 roles, one being a ranged tower (Thrower Monster) that functions much like the Musketeers and the Golden Longbow and the other being a single barrack unit (Fighter Monster) that functions much like the Sasquatch.

Thrower Mode

  • The Thrower Mode has the highest range of any tower in Vengeance and also has the highest damage of any Ranged tower. It hits much harder than the Golden Longbows and the Musketeers, but attacks much slower.
  • Compare to the other Ranged Towers, it is much better suited against stronger enemies due to its high damage and long range. However, it is ill-suited against larger groups of enemies, thanks to its slow attack rate.
  • Smash! gives all of the Thing's attacks a small chance to instakill, allowing it to play a sniper role thanks to its absurd range. It can pick off strong or problematic enemies from afar before they even become a problem.
  • Blinding Liquid synergizes well with this approach. The stun chance can lock an enemy in place, allowing the Thing to attack it again and again until the instakill triggers.
  • Carnivore is completely useless for the Thrower Mode, and should not be bought if you don't plan on using Melee mode.
  • Thrower Mode should be paired with towers that can provide Crowd Control to make up for the slow single target attacks. The Melting Furnace can wipe out weaker swarms as they move along the path, allowing the Thing to single out the giants instead.
  • The Goblin War Zeppelin provides excellent crowd control and can increase the Thing's range to boot, giving it a scope of 756 when upgrades are taken into account.

Melee Mode

  • Melee Mode has the highest health of any unit in the series, surpassing even the Sasquatch. This makes him well suited for tanking and stopping giant enemies and bosses (Except for Polyx, Jokull and the Ancient Ghosts).
  • Despite it having an area attack, it isn't great against groups of enemies as it can get overrun very easily due to being a single unit. Support it with Orcs or Zombies to make up for this.
  • Blinding Liquid and its high Stun chance can cover the Thing's weakness of being overrun quickly very well, since it deals area damage and can thus stun everything within the damage area. Because of its 100% uptime, the Thing has the potential to shut down an entire crowd for an extended period of time, allowing your towers to pile on more damage. This is a bit reliant on good RNG, however.
  • Smash! is especially useful when going up against giant enemies. Since it can take an extended assault from them, it gets a lot of chances to attack and trigger Smash!, allowing it to move on and block another instead. If Carnivore is upgraded, it also allows it to instantly regenerate a large amount of HP, allowing it to stand up to the next threat. Smash! will only instakill the enemy the Thing is targeting. Any others within the damage area are simply damaged.
  • Carnivore makes up for the Thing's atrocious heal rate by providing it with instant recovery upon killing an enemy. Thanks to its area damage, it often ends up taking out weak enemies passing by, allowing it tank against a larger threat for longer. If you plan on using Melee Mode, this ability should definitely be bought as soon as you upgrade your Swamp Thing to tier IV.
  • Despite working well against most giant enemies, The Swamp Thing is ill-suited to handle the High Sorcerers. Their Polymorph can instakill a lone Swamp Thing and its slow respawn rate will leave you with a massive hole in your defense for a long time. It is highly recommended to switch the Thing to Thrower Mode if any High Sorcerers show up, allowing it to safely pick them off with Smash!
  • Melee mode is best paired with towers that can capitalize on its area stun and stalling capabilities. The Goblin War Zeppelin can wipe out the weaker crowds around it, and the Infernal Mage can heavily dent the stronger enemies it is blocking.
  • The Swamp Thing also pairs well with the Elite Harassers. The Thing's area attack can whittle the health of the enemies, allowing the Harassers to finish them off easily and Blinding Liquid can hold enemies in place giving more time for the Harassers to use their Arrow Storm, which is very useful for taking large chunks out of giant enemies and bosses.
  • It is worth noting that certain skills that increase the tower's damage (Such as the Melting Furnace's Abrasive Heat and Murglun's Tar Maker) will increase the damage dealt by Melee mode as well. This is unique, as any other Barracks towers or units spawned by towers do not get this boost.

Compared to the Dark Knights, the Swamp Thing has much better survivability thanks to its high health, the ability to heal, stun foes much longer and have cheaper abilities. It's also able to handle magical and True Damage far better, since it does not rely on armor as much. However, the Knights come in pairs, can kill foes much faster with Armor of Thorns and their Brutal Swings have a better chance to kill foes faster, since they come in 2 and have a faster attack speed. They also don't rely on their abilities as much as the Swamp Thing does, and are thus more effective in the early portions of a stage, when higher tiers are not as readily available due to a lack of gold.


Related Upgrades[]


  • "No one.... is safe."
  • "I am not your friend."
  • "You cannot shoot the forest."
  • "You're annoying." (when changed from artillery/melee)

Tier 4:

  • "I will cede no ground." (when built)
  • "Thing SMASH!" (Smash!)
  • "To the head!" (Blinding Liquid)
  • "Ah! Fresh meat!" (Carnivore)


  • "Ah! Fresh meat!" is a reference to The Butcher, a boss from Diablo, further referenced to The Butcher from Warcraft III and its lookalike Pudge from Dota 2.
  • "Thing SMASH!" is a reference to Hulk's line "Hulk SMASH!".
  • The Swamp Thing tower is based on an enemy from Kingdom Rush (named “Swamp Thing”). At level 4, it has identical stats to said enemy on Normal Difficulty (3000 HP, 2.5 attack rate, 40-100 damage, no armor). However, it does not have regeneration.
  • The Swamp Thing has the highest raw HP out of any allied unit that can be recruited in the entire series. Not even dedicated staller Heroes, such as Jigou and Bravebark, can compare to the Swamp Thing's outrageous health pool. The only allied unit with more HP than the Swamp Thing is the unique Archdemon.


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