"All aboard!"
The Black Corsair is a level-specific hero, available only in Storm Atoll (level 17). He can only travel on water and deals splash damage like artillery, and deals no damage to Bloodshells.


  • Explosive Keg BlackCorsairKeg
This is his basic attack. The Black Corsair throws an explosive keg that deals 80-100 area damage.
  • Depth Charges BlackCorsairDepthcharge
Throws a depth charge that floats on water. Any enemy touching a depth charge takes 80-100 damage. Deviltides hopping from sharks to land might vault over the depth charges. Each one lasts for 30 seconds or until detonated. (Cooldown: 6 seconds)

Tips and Tricks

  • His attacks is not affected the Shock and Awe upgrade.
  • He is not targetable by enemies.


  • All aboard!
  • Batten t' hatches!
  • Full sail ahead!


  • Oddly, the Black Corsair says "Full sail ahead", even though his boat appears to be steam-powered.


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