The Kitchen Guard is the second chapter of Kingdom Rush: The Comic. It is available for 0,89€ when the app is downloaded.


Comic Daughter

Denas' Daughter is bored

"It was a glorious battle!" At the head of a table with a great feast alid out, King Denas once again begins to tell the story. Lothas, Bolin and Krig express their dismay at hearing the tale and discuss amongst themselves their reasons for being called. Krig determines that Denas is no longer able to protect the kingdom, hence his desire to marry his daughter to one of them. None of them seem pleased at the idea of marrying her (and she herself is so bored by the night that she is playing with a bat and ball apart from everyone else. Bolin begins to tell them that they will win her heart by impressing her, with Lothas pushing it aside as there is no battle to face. On that note, a massive explosion rocks the room, and Bolin cracks his knuckles in excitement.

Comic Ern

In the kitchens, Cathal, Emmet, Magnus and Orrin are trying to fend off the attacking goblins. Cathal sugests they each take a corridor. Emett tosses him his sword, and he uses them both to defend against an ogre. Emmet makeshifts a mop and some kitchen utensils into a bow and fights off the attackers. They run away, straight into the path of Magnus who blasts them with the magic. Orrin finishes off the last of them with some bombs and orders them forward as the attackers retreat. An ogre grabs the maid and threatens her with a blade. Cathal and Emett attempt to save her, only for Magnus to strike the ogre with a pan, knocking it out and winning the girl's affection. Two goblins flee the fight, only to run into Ern One Eye, who promptly finishes them off.

Comic Young Heroes

Denas and his fellow heroes run into the kitchen, weapons ready only to find the fight is over. Ern calls the boys young heroes, and impressed by their skills in another glorious battle, King Denas names them Cathal Wildheart, Emmet Deadshot, Orrin Firewall and Magnus Spellbane. As they celebrate, Bolin is miserable that he didn't get a chance to fight. Krig on the other hand is concerned that there is something terrible coming, and that this battle was only the beginning.

Comic Veznan 2

At Vez'nan's castle, he monologues his positive aspects. Suble, patient, brave intelligent and modest. He can even dance the Cha Cha Cha! He turns to Siggurath, asking if his servant has anything to add, only to take it back, having already reduced the failing Witch Doctor to smoke and bones. Vez'nan calls for the end of subtle plans, and demands the Invasion to begin!