Toad house

The Toad House is a seemingly possessed house in the City of Lozagon. It appears only in the Campaign mode of the level. The entire thing is missing in the Iron Challenge and Heroic Challenge, suggesting it was a creature created by Magnus Spellbane.


It resides in the top right corner of the map near the exit. Before the stage starts, it looks as if it is sleeping. When the stage starts, it wakes up and looks around suspiciously with its one eye.

Like the Snapvines of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers it appears to be idle until there are units in front of it. If 2 or more units are standing in front of it, the house sticks out a long ball tongue and swallows 2 of them (cooldown: 5 seconds). It cannot swallow heroes.


The Toad House can't be immobilized or killed. Keep units outside its range (70), or do not build barracks near it.