"The bomb has been planted!"

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Tramin the Mad Inventor is a premium hero in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Tramin costs $3.99 and starts at Level 5


Tramin, the unmatched brain behind the Warmonger's most ingenious inventions, has proven to be one of the key players in Vez'nan's campaign, making the abundant funding to let his talents run wild well worth it.



Tramin 1 BOOMBOTS TraminBoombots(active, cooldown: 30/20/15 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Sets up to 2/3/4 Boombots on the road. Each lasts 60 seconds.
Once they detect an enemy, they rush toward them, dealing 28-52/42-78/56-104 damage.

Tramin 2 NITRO RUSH TraminNitro(active, cooldown: 40 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Tramin drinks a shot of Nitroglycerin, improving his attack speed to every 0.5 seconds for 7/14/22 seconds.

Tramin 3 FLASHBANG TraminFlash(active, cooldown: 25 seconds) (1/2/3 hero points):

Throws a Flashbang at a group of enemies, stunning them for 1/2/3 seconds.

Tramin 4 ROCKET BARRAGE TraminRocket(active, cooldown: 18 seconds) (2/3/4 hero points):

Fires a barrage of 2/4/6 missiles at the enemies, dealing 25-46/32-59/39-72 damage per missile.

Ultimate Spell

Tramin HS BOMBAGGEDON (active, cooldown: 70 seconds) (3/3/3 hero points):

Tosses a box on the road, 3/5/7/9 bombs will walk through it, dealing 80/120/170/200 damage each to enemies on impact.


Tramin Skill ROCKET JUMP

Rocket Jumps when moved to a far place.


Level HP Heal Rate (per 2s) Melee Damage (1.0s) Ranged Damage (2.0s) Armor Respawn
1 150 15 4-8 7-17 1% 18s
2 170 17 4-10 9-20 4% 18s
3 190 19 5-11 10-23 6% 18s
4 210 21 5-13 11-25 9% 18s
5 230 23 6-14 12-28 11% 18s
6 250 25 7-15 13-31 14% 18s
7 270 27 7-17 15-34 16% 18s
8 290 29 8-18 16-37 19% 18s
9 310 31 8-20 17-39 21% 18s
10 330 33 9-21 18-42 24% 18s

Tips and Tricks

Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp Backto BACK TO BATTLE (1 upgrade point): Reduces the respawn time of Heroes. (10% respawn reduction)
  • KRVUp Special SPECIAL TRAINING (1 upgrade point): Thanks to a secret and intense training heroes level up faster. (25% extra XP gain)
    • KRVUp Oneman ONE MAN ARMY (2 upgrade points): All heroes improve their base attack damage. (15% extra damage)
  • KRVUp Ultimate ULTIMATE POWER (1 upgrade point): All heroes' Ultimate skills now have their cool downs reduced. (20% CD reduction)
    • KRVUp Will IRON WILL (2 upgrade points): All heroes improve their maximum health. (20% HP increase)
  • KRVUp Shield SHIELD OF PROTECTION (2 upgrade points): Every basic attack inflicted to a hero has a small chance of dealing no damage. (10% chance to trigger)
  • KRVUp SWind SECOND WIND (4 upgrade points): Heroes now have a small chance of instantly respawning. (10% chance to trigger)


  • The bomb has been planted
  • Goblins don't look at explosions
  • Tick tock boom!
  • Fire in the hole!
  • (death) I regret nothing!


  • The bomb has been planted
    • An audio clip from Counter Strike that has been used in various meme formats to draw attention to how it could draw unnecessary and unwanted attention to a person.
  • Goblins don’t look at explosions
    • Based on the song Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions, a spoof song performed by three comedians at the MTV Movie Awards. It is based on the concept of film characters walking calmly away from explosions.
  • I regret nothing!


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