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Troll Champions (simply called Champion on the mobile version) are more powerful versions of the Troll that can throw axes. Like the Troll and the Troll Chieftain, they regain health over time.


Elite tribal warriors equipped with vicious throwing axes.

Troll Champions have the ability to throw axes, much like Shadow Archers. This forces the player to do micromanagement with moving rally points, or the troops will sit there and gladly take the axes. Worse still, these axes ignore armor, making the usual tanks - Paladins - much less effective, although the Troll Chieftain's enrage doesn't strengthen the ranged attack, and their melee attacks do not ignore armor. Of course, unlike Shadow Archers, they have a fair bit of health, and also possess the ability to regenerate, making it very hard to wear them down over time.


  • As with all trolls, concentrating defenses in one area is a good strategy. The trolls will lose health faster than they regenerate it - and die before they escape the battlefield.
  • These enemies should be kept away from soldiers - due to their ranged attack, they will just sit there and happily act as target practice for the Champions. Also, the axes deal true damage, meaning that even Paladins will not last long.
  • If Troll Champions are attacking the player's soldiers, it is possible to distract them by placing reinforcements at melee range. It is also possible to move the soldier's rally point outside of the Troll Champion's range; when the Champions get closer, the rally point can be moved to force the Troll Champions into melee.
  • Reinforcements with Throwing Spears will stop them for a little bit but are not very effective when trying to deal damage, as a few hits from the troll's throwing axes will kill the reinforcements before they deal much damage.
  • Like all ranged enemies, they have a tendency to group up when attacking soldiers from a distance, making them vulnerable to a Rain of Fire or artillery.



They are the dangerous ranged units of the trolls and are relatively commonly found with other trolls in the Adventure.


LokR NmeTr Regen.png Ha'Kraj Regeneration : When not burning, Ha'Kraj Trolls regenerate HP at the beginning of their turn. HP Regeneration: 1

LokR NmeTr HakrajRage.png Ha'Kraj Rage : Becomes enraged if an ally Ha'Kraj Troll dies adjacent to this unit.

Affliction Lokr Enraged.png Enraged : Ha'Kraj gain extra regeneration and extra damage. Bonus Regeneration: +1. Damage Bonus: +1.


Name Cooldown Type Range Effect
LokR Nme Melee.png Melee Attack 0 Regular 1 The Champion's basic attack, deals [Attack] ± 1 LokR Attack Icon.png.
LokR Nme AxeToss.png Axe Toss 2LokR Duration Icon.png Full Action 3 Throws an axe, deals [Attack] - (1 to 2) LokR Attack Icon.png
LokR Nme SliceDice.png Slice 'N' Dice 3LokR Duration Icon.png Regular 1 Strikes the target twice, deals 4 LokR Attack Icon.png on first strike and deals 2 LokR Attack Icon.png on the second strike.


Troll Champions are dangerous because they deal massive damage if they are enraged and use Slice 'N' Dice. They also have a ranged attack. They should not be allowed to become enraged and should be killed before a normal Troll Warrior in order to mitigate the additional damage.


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