TrollMerc Icon Trolls that for a little coin will come to your aid.

The Troll Mercenaries are a Mercenary Tower appearing in several levels of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, mostly in Heroic Challenges and Iron Challenges. It allows the recruiting of Trolls and Troll Champions. They regenerate 1 HP every 0.2 second.


Troll Spear Hunter


Tough warriors that can regenerate their wounds quickly.

MiniBox TrollMerc Cost HP Damage (1.0s) Armor
40 120 (156) 6-8 None

Troll Axe Hunter


Elite tribal warriors equipped with vicious throwing axes.

MiniBox TrollChMerc Cost HP Melee Damage (1.0s) Ranged Damage (1.3s) Armor
80 180 (234) 15-20 8-12 None

Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp Rations WAR RATIONS (1 soul): With a full belly, Barracks units have improved health. (30% additional HP)

Related Achievements

  • VAch Troll OH MY GOD! (30 gems) Hire 5 Trolls.