Twilight Golems (Golems on mobile version) are hulking masses of rock created by the Twilight elves that appear in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


Rocks animated by powerful sorcery, compelled to fight with daunting strength.

Twilight Golems are made up of large, grey stones held together by Twilight magic, glowing purple, in a somewhat humanoid form with glowing purple eyes. They move by floating slightly above the ground, but are still ground enemies in the fullest, and thus fully susceptile to being targeted by artillery and blocked by soldiers.

Twilight Golems progressively become slower as towers and troops damage them, but pose a massive threat nonetheless with a health pool matched only by the fearsome forest troll, coupled with high armor, the highest AOE damage of any enemy in any of the games, and immunity to most instant kills (the only exceptions being Reg'son's Vindicator and the Shop item Wrath of Elynie), making them arguably the strongest non-boss enemy in the series.


  • Such indomitable creatures can take quite a heavy beating. However, with fully upgraded Forest Keepers, they can be slowed down while receiving 320 true damage every 3.1 seconds, slowing them even further! The Keepers' healing ability also keeps them alive for just a second longer if they should have to face one upfront.
  • Bladesingers can provide extended blocking with maxed Perfect Parry, though less effective when facing multiple Golems.
  • Wild Magus helps tremendously when coupled with Golden Longbows' Hunter's Mark, causing the golem to slow down at an exponential rate.
  • High Elven Mage's upgrades can also be useful; Arcane Sentinels deal high damage and Timelapse gives soldiers breathing time. However, the mage's power is diluted when the Golem is surrounded by other enemies, so support the mage with archers or artillery to take care of them.
  • The Arcane Archers' Burst Arrows can clear out other enemies and deal good damage to the Golem itself, and the Slumber arrows can stun it for 4 seconds, but the normal arrows barely do any damage through its High armor rating, so only use it for the specials.
  • Vez'nan's demon has sufficient health to last long enough to block Twilight Golem dealing thousands of damage to it. 
  • Do not waste Thunderbolt if they are still moving. Instead, use choke points to defend your soldiers and your heroes.

Related Achievements

OrAchP3 8Bigg THE BIGGER THEY ARE... Defeat 7 Twilight Golems before they walk past half the stage.



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