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This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush: Origins. For the tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, see Elite Harassers.

Twilight Harassers are regular Twilight elf soldiers, armed with a bow and two swords. They are one of the most common enemies in Kingdom Rush: Origins, appearing in almost all stages. On mobile, they are known as Harassers.


Twilight elf warriors, trained in both melee and ranged combat.

Harassers are moderately durable enemies that attack from range with their bows. Their damage is not very impressive and they only attack from a distance occasionally, but they have an ability to quickly fire a volley of 4 arrows (cooldown: 10 seconds), dealing very high damage over a short span of time, able to kill soldiers and heroes alike if the player is not careful.

When engaged in combat, Harassers prefer to jump back a short distance, so they could continue to use their bows instead of having to fight hand-to-hand with soldiers. However, they usually only fire a single shot before moving on again. The shadow jump can clean them from negative effects such as the poison from Venom Vines.


  • Soldiers will fall quickly to a group of Harrasers, so they shouldn't be relied on. Instead, they should be used to make the Harassers use their shadow-jump to backwards into a prepared kill zone, then blown to pieces with a powerful tower combination, including high level Druids.
  • When using a ranged hero, hiding him/her behind soldiers to fire at the Harassers is a good idea. Melee capable heroes can be sent to confront the Harassers to protect other soldiers at the back, with sufficient support (Forest Keepers with Circle of Life, and towers). Eridan is especially good against them, as he is good at both melee and ranged combat and can return fire with his own Arrow Volley.
  • If 6 or more Harassers cluster up at one spot, it is wise to use Thunderbolt, or AOE Hero Spell on them. Otherwise, their damage stacked up can plow through the player's defense at ease. Anticipating such situation and building a Weirdwood or Arch-Druid Henge nearby can save a spell.
    • Alternatively, one can move the hero in front of the Harrasers, move him/her out of the way just as they fire their arrow volley, then make them use their Shadowjump with either barracks or Reinforcements, stall them and finally kill them.


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