Heracles the Lion of Olympus is a fake hero for the Kingdom Rush series.
This is a concept of what I believe Heracles would be like if he were a hero in Kingdom Rush.


The son of Zeus and a mortal woman. A paragon of masculinity, the ancestor of royal clans who claimed to be Heracleide and a champion of the Olympian order against chthonic monsters.

Heracles would look like how he does in the image to the above but would also have the head of the Nemean Lion on his shoulder (the one that isn't holding the log). His weapon would be the giant log/club he is holding.


His skills are based on his Smite moveset but with some modifications so that they fit KR. I chose the Smite moveset because it fits Heracles really well.

Icons Hercules A01


Works like Kahz's Bull Rush. Heracles delivers a mighty strike, damaging and stunning all enemies in his path.
Icons Hercules A02


Works similar Malik's Earthquake and Grawl's Stomp. Smashes the ground, sending a shockwave that damages and slows nearby enemies.
Icons Hercules A03


An enhanced regeneration skill like Saitam's and Cronan's, works during and outside of combat.

Icons Hercules A04


Works like Grawl's Boulder Throw. Rips out a huge boulder from the ground and throws it, dealing AOE damage.
Icons Hercules Passive


When low on health, Heracles does increased damage and attacks faster for 5 seconds (the damage and speed increase with every upgrade, the time stays the same). Similar to Bastion, Heracles will be surrounded by a little ring of light (The light is golden instead of Blue).


Heracles would be a heavy hitting HP tank that is able to soke up a lot of damage. This is what his level 10 stats would be in my opinion:

HP Damage Armor Attack Speed Respawn
650 48-72 Low Slow 20s


  • "My strength is unmatched!"
  • "I'm the strongest there is!"
  • "Is there no one else?"
  • "A new labor to perform!"
  • "Heracles Smash!"
  • (Death) "Impossi....ble.."


  • Sometimes Heracles will pull out a T-Rex skull or meteorite from the ground when using Excavate (these will do a little more damage), this is a reference to another game created by Ironhide Studios (Clash of the Olympians) that features Heracles.


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