Battle horns thunder across the Howling Moors rallying all the gnoll tribes under the war banner of Hee-Haw the Wicked. General, we must delay them all costs!

Valor's Rest is the first Endless Challenge level in Kingdom Rush: Origins, unlocked by beating Gryphon Point.



Waves in Valor's Rest are procedurally generated from the following enemies:

Enemy First wave possible Points awarded (base) Damage Cap
Gnoll Reaver 1 4
Gnoll Burner 1 5 8-16
Spiderbrood 1 8 16-24
Sword Spider 7 32-48
Gnoll Gnawer 7 19 50-100
Perython 11 11 0
Hyena 17 7 0
Webspitter Spider 17 40-56
Ettin 20 32 340-380
Gnoll Blighter 31 32-48
Razorboar 38 120-180


The miniboss in Valor's Rest is the Gnoll Warleader.

Wave Count HP (Casual) HP (Normal) HP (Veteran) Damage Bounty
10 1 2000 2500 3000 50-80 250
20 1 4800 6000 7200 55-88 353
30 1 7600 9500 11400 61-98 497
40 1 10600 13250 15900 67-108 702
50 1 14400 18000 21600 74-119 1000
60 1 33881 42351 50821 82-132 1000
70 1 80660 100825 120990 91-145 1000
80 1 131387 164234 197081 100-161 1000


Survival Mode!
KR SurvMod1
Face an endless unrelenting enemy force and try to defeat as many as possible to compete for the best score!
KR SurvMod2
Earn huge bonus points and gold by calling waves earlier!

Related AchievementsEdit

OrAchP6 3HoldLine HOLD THE LINE! Survive 10 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 4Notyet NOT YET... NOT YET... Survive 20 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 5NeverTell NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS Survive 30 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAch ComeGet COME AND GET THEM! Kill a total of 10000 enemies in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 7WithShield WITH YOUR SHIELD OR ON IT Have 300 soldiers die in a single Valor's Rest run.

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