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This article is about the level in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. For the level in Kingdom Rush, see The Dark Tower.

Free at last! I can't wait to return to my tower and... WHAT?! What on earth happened to my precious tower?! What is this nonsense?! Denas! That slob of a King must be behind this! But not for long..."

Vez'nan's Tower is the tutorial level in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Being a dedicated tutorial, it is only available in Campaign mode, and introduces the player to spells and the core concepts of the game: Building Towers in Wave 1, Demon Goonies in Wave 2, heroes in Wave 3 and Soul Impact in wave 4.



Wave Composition[]

Wave Enemies Income
1 Human Woodcutter x2 10
2 Human Woodcutter x9 45
3 Human Woodcutter x6
Human Worker x3
4 Human Woodcutter x15
Human Worker x5



Upgrades and Hero[]




Tutorial 01.PNG

Tutorial 02.PNG

Tutorial 03.PNG

Tutorial 04.PNG

Tutorial 05.PNG

New Enemy
Wave 1
Human Woodcutter
EnemyBox Woodcutter.png There's no tree these guys can't chop
down. You could say they have
axe-cellent woodcutting skills..
  • Low damage
  • Slow speed
New Special Unlocked Summon Demon Goonies
Event Goonies.PNG You can summon your infernal troops
to aid you on the battlefield
You can summon your demons every 14 seconds.
Hero at your command!
KRV HeroIntro.PNG Heroes are elite units that can face strong enemies and support your forces

Heroes gain experience every time they damage an enemy or use an ability.

Experiment with different heroes to find the best for each level.
New Enemy
Wave 3
Human Worker
EnemyBox Worker.png Strong shovel wielders, dexterous in
both constructing and hitting enemies
on the head.
  • Low damage
  • Slow speed
New Special Unlocked Soul Impact
Event Impact.PNG Blast away your enemies with a
powerful torrent of souls that rain
down from the sky.
You can use Soul Impact every 70 seconds.

Related Achievements[]

VAch Feels.png FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK (30 gems) Win the first stage with 3 stars.


  • The exit location has changed since the Dark Tower level in Kingdom Rush. Whereas it was once at the very bottom, that area has now been built over and blocked off. The exit replaces what was once a Graveyard to the left of the path.
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