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Witch Doctors are savage shamans, encountered in the jungle in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, who possess the ability to heal their allies.


Aboriginal healers that use a secret mojo to heal their tribal brothers.

Unlike other healers (Shamans, Sand Wraiths, and Twilight Evokers), Witch Doctors are very competent at their job: they don't need to do anything to heal nearby enemies, while mostly still keeping the same healing rate. They are even capable of healing while engaged in combat, meaning that the simple blocking strategy will not be as effective against them as it is against other healers who lack this advantage. As such, they can drastically boost the survivability of other savages, especially Savage Warriors, who can raise their own maximum HP through cannibalizing soldiers.

They can heal themselves and nearby allies by 50 hit points every 4 seconds.


Witch Doctors are high priority targets: taking one down early can save a lot of firepower for other enemies. There are multiple ways to effectively counter them:

  • The first way, obviously, is to kill them first and foremost. Due to their usual position in front of other enemies, this can be done easily with a burst of power from Archmages or Barrage.
  • The Tribal Axethrowers can be used to temporarily disable the healing aura.
  • In reverse, you can kill other enemies quickly, so they cannot benefit from the healing of Witch Doctors.


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The spirits guide me.

WitchDoctor Lokr Profile.png


Having seen their traditions tainted by the cult's influence, the Witch Doctors decided to renounce their tribes and offer their healing services to whomever seeks to stop the treacherous Unblinded.


We came across a camper during our travels.

We noticed the strangers was a witch doctor foraging for roots.
"Spirits say I'll need these for our journey."

The witch doctor stood up and smiled, dusting off his knees.
"Of course I'll join you. You have my healing."


Level HP Armor Attack Speed Range
1 3 0 3 2 3
2 4 0 4 2 5
3 5 0 6 2 6


WitchDoctor Lokr Trait 1.png Shamanic Focus : Gains +1 damage for 1 turn if ends turn without moving.

Preparation Lokr Trait.png Preparation : Reduces all refreshing cooldowns (-1) if ending turn without skill use.


Tier 1 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 1-1.png Wild Blast 0 Regular Basic Deals [Attack]-1 LokR Magic Icon.png. Heals 1 LokR Health Icon.png if target is killed.
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 1-2.png Shamanic Heal 3LokR Duration Icon.png Regular Basic Heals ally within range by [HP] LokR Health Icon.png. None

Tier 2 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 2-1.png Force of Nature 0 Regular Basic Deals 2/3/4 LokR Magic Icon.png and pulls target 1 hex toward current position. If target is adjacent, it is pushed 2 hexes away instead. This skill can target allies but will not damage them. None
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 2-2.png Tainted Healing 4LokR Duration Icon.png Full action Basic -1 Deals [Attack] LokR Magic Icon.png and heals half of the damage done to target None

Tier 3 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 3-1.png Ring of Healing 3LokR Duration Icon.png Full action Self Heals allies within a 2 hex radius for [level]LokR Health Icon.png. None
WitchDoctor Lokr Skill 3-2.png Healing Totem 4LokR Duration Icon.png Full action Basic Places a healing totem that heals any ally adjacent to it on the start of their turn for 1 LokR Health Icon.png. None


  • "The spirits guide me" - Upon select
  • "Wickedly wiser!" - Upon upgrade
  • "Patience, patient." - During combat
  • "Magic herbs and verbs." - During combat
  • "This may sting a little." - During combat
  • "Eek!" - When hurt
  • "" - When hurt
  • "" - When hurt
  • "Spirits.. embrace me" - When killed