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Wulves are among the fastest enemies in Kingdom Rush. Though they can dodge melee attacks, they are still very weak, and even a basic Militia Barracks soldier can stop them in their tracks. They are the cousin to the Worg, Winter Wolf, Demon Hound, Sand Hound and War Hound.


Very fast vicious creatures that can dodge melee attacks.

Wulves generally mix in waves with tougher enemies, allowing them to slip through unprepared defenses. Often a single stray Wulf can mean the difference between victory or defeat in Heroic or Iron Challenges. However, near the end of each level (especially the later levels), Wulves have far too little health to have any chance of surviving your defenses, effectively turning them into money bags for the player to grab.

Wulves, when killed, are not reanimated in Graveyards as they are canine enemies, not humanoids.

Their ability to dodge melee attacks makes even strong heroes like Thor struggle against them, and they will be able to deal some damage before they are killed.


  • Barracks work well at stopping these enemies, though the Wulves' ability to dodge melee attacks makes them difficult for soldiers to kill. Support is needed.
  • Archer towers are a good choice against all wulves; their high firing speed ensures that they will deal damage before the speedy wolves move out of range.
    • However, Archers often miss hitting wulves because of their fast speed and small hitbox, wasting damage significantly. This situation happens more often on curved paths, so one should pay attention and adjust their strategy if needed.
  • A Dwarven Howitzer or 500mm Big Bertha can kill packs of them in a single shot; however, it's still good to have a backup, like a Barracks, nearby, due to its slow firing rate.
  • In early levels in some maps, wulves can come in large groups, overwhelming defenses like Mage towers and artillery.
  • Area control defenses work well to clean up the horde.



These fast Wulves are found with Orcs and on their own and are a common enemy in Krum'Thak's Dominion.


LokR NmeTr Dodge.png Dodge : 25% chance to dodge targeted melee attacks


Name Cooldown Type Range Effect
LokR Nme Bite.png Bite Attack 0 Regular 1 The Wulf's basic attack, deals [attack] ± 1 damage.


  • They can easily be dealt with by ranged units, but their dodge chance of melee attacks should not be forgotten.


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