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Yetis are extremely durable winter beasts that can damage multiple opponents simultaneously.


Large ape-man like creature that can obliterate scores of soldiers with one strike.

These are based on the Yetis of the legends, that live in cold places in the Himalayan Mountains. They have a coat of shaggy white fur and are rather violent.

Yetis are dangerous creatures to deal with. They look similar to a Sasquatch, the only difference is that Sasquatch has dark brown fur and horns. Their high health makes them practically invulnerable to all but the strongest defenses, and only Paladins can stave off their attacks for long. Fortunately, they are slow in movement and attack speed and have no resistances to any damage type.


  • Yetis are among the most durable enemies in Kingdom Rush. For this reason, the Musketeer Garrison's Sniper Shot ability and the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray are particularly useful against Yetis; both abilities can kill them in a single hit. The Sorcerer Mage's polymorph ability can also be useful, but is much less reliable.
  • Soldiers should be kept away from these enemies. The Yeti's area attack will kill them very quickly.
    • Low level soldiers (from level 1 to 3) are completely useless versus a Yeti.
    • In contrast, Paladins with Healing Light III and Shield of Valor can survive indefinitely against the giants. A group of Paladins can block up to 3-4 Yetis at once and still able to resist their area attacks. This should be used to the player's advantage.
    • Barbarians won't survive very long in the fray but can inflict a lot of damage with More Axes and Throwing Axes abilities. For this reason, grouping Paladins in front of them, or using Heroes and Reinforcements to block the Yeti is a good tactic.
    • Elemental will block them for a fair amount of time, and the Sorcerer's curse can help the Elemental kill Yeti so the Yeti could die faster rather than its regular attack.
    • The Sasquatch in Icewind Pass can hold out for a while against a Yeti, having more HP and almost as much damage output. However, it should not be totally relied on, as it will quickly fall if it encounters a second. 


  • Yetis are one of seventeen enemies in the series that have the iconic bear growl sound on death.
  • These enemies are inspired from the legends of yetis in real life. Yetis are said to be very tall, humanoid animals with white fur that reside in the snowy mountains and are depicted as such.



These large and dangerous beasts are sometimes found the Stormcloud's Winter Adventure.


LokR NmeTr WarmBlood.png Warm Blooded: This unit is immune to Frozen status.

LokR NmeTr StoicStance.png Stoic Stance : This unit is immune to Knockback.


Name Cooldown Type Range Effect
LokR Nme YetiSmash.png Yeti Smash! 0 Regular 1 The Yeti's basic attack, main attack deals [Attack] ± 1 LokR Attack Icon.png and deals splash damage [Attack] -2 LokR Attack Icon.png to units adjacent to the main unit. All units struck are knocked back.
LokR Nme SnowballThrow.png Snowball Throw 2LokR Duration Icon.png Regular 3 Throws a snowball that roots the main target for one turn and deals [Attack] LokR Attack Icon.png to main target and adjacent units.


  • They are among the most dangerous enemies in this Adventure. They have a strong ranged attack despite being an enemy with high health and a strong melee attack. Stunning them takes them out for one turn and is one thing to do against them. Otherwise, all damage and effects are a good strategy.


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